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MLCA Planning & Development Committee Open House

  • 22-Oct-2018
  • Date

  • Time

    5:30pm to 6:30pm

  • Where

    3130 16th Street SW (MLCA Lower Hall)

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The MLCA Planning & Development Committee has been working diligently to engage with all stakeholders on the redevelopment that has been happening in our communities at what continues to be a fast pace. This past year alone we have spent 300+ hours writing over 100 letters to The City providing comments on Development Permit and Land Use Redesignation Applications. Unfortunately, it has been our experience that these letters have negligible impact in The City’s decision-making process. As such, the Committee is looking to amend our Terms of Reference to no longer provide this feedback to The City.

What we have observed over the years is that individuals interacting directly with the decision makers (i.e. City Administration, Calgary Planning Commission, City Councillors, and Developers) are more effective at impacting outcomes than one collective letter from the MLCA. We feel that our resources can be better allocated to empowering our community members to bring forward their feedback on Development Applications.

The Committee would therefore continue to provide value to the communities by:

1. Informing: Promote engagement opportunities through our communication platforms.

2. Educating: Provide educational content on development related topics to our communities (e.g. Source Articles).

3. Supporting: Assist residents in navigating the development process and empower individuals to engage. Provide developers with feedback on proposed applications upon request and support them to engage the communities.

4. Facilitating: Bring together The City, residents, developers, and/or the Ward 8 Councillor’s Office to discuss applications as required.

5. Collaborating: Engage with the Federation of Calgary Communities, other Community Associations, and the Marda Loop Business Improvement Area

6. Advocating: Bring forward community concerns with the development process to The City.

Prior to formally requesting the MLCA Board to amend the Terms of Reference we want to hear from you. Comments can be forwarded to up until October 22nd. We are also hos􀆟ng an open house at the MLCA lower hall (3130 16t h Street SW) on Monday, October 22n d from 5:30 to 6:30 pm to engage in-person with the residents of our communities on our proposed amendment. Thank you in advance for your input that will be used to inform the decision of the MLCA.

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